Helloooooo Crypticon Creeps!

This weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of being a vendor at Crypticon KC. This was my very first time bringing my art to a convention, so I certainly had no idea what to expect!

Of course, one of the biggest reasons to visit a Crypticon is to meet the celebrities. As a vendor, though, I didn’t get much time to venture away from my own table. Because of this, I was thoroughly pleased when Mr. Sid Haig stopped by my table several times to look at my work. He complimented me sincerely on my art, and humorously apologized that he did not have any hair to donate to me. He was a very, very kind person and very easy to talk to. My second celebrity encounter was a certain Chris Sarandon dropping by. His attention was immediately drawn to my Nightmare Before Christmas inspired necklace pendant, and he absolutely loved it! What a compliment!

I had the pleasure of sharing an aisle with other very talented and amusing vendors. The Armorer kept me smiling all weekend and even ended up putting me in some fantastic metal, and author Dane G. Kroll was an excellent neighbor to have a conversation with during the slower periods. I also picked up a book of his entitled Psalm Springs which he describes as “slasher horror at bible camp”. Obviously, I can’t wait to read it! Right across the way was my lovely friend Pam, owner of Noir Arts and Oddities. She’s a beautiful person with a beautiful shop, and I was so glad to see her at the con!

With how unique my art is, naturally, I got many interesting comments. A selection of my favorite ones are as follows…


“Hair in a bottle!? It’s like a ship in a bottle, only cooler and more goth.”

“Hair…right on.”

“If I give you the hair of my enemies, could you make me something truly evil?”


a series of unnerved noises Creeeeeepy!”

“I don’t know if it’s creepy or interesting….probably both.”

“Can you make something with my beard hair?”

“What is the material that looks like hair?” “It’s hair.” “NO WAY!”

“Please keep doing this forever.”

“What kind of stone is this?” “Why that is not a stone, it is human hair.” “Oh….OH!”

And the winner for most common question is a tie between “Is this YOUR hair” and “Where do you get the hair?” The answer being, only a small amount of my hair is in a couple of the little pieces, and ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE I CAN! One couple took note of this answer and actually brought me a bag of hair the next day! To you folks, I am thrilled that you had a bag of hair lying around your house, and I’m even more thrilled that you brought it to me. Thank you, thank you!

I’m elated to say that there are at dozens upon dozens of people who were unaware of this art form before speaking to me this weekend. It was such a joy to educate others on the history, and I was even video recorded for a short interview on the history behind hair work and my personal art.

On top of the sales I made, there were nearly 30 customers who discussed custom orders with me. The sentimental value of these pieces I have yet to make is one of the many reasons this weekend was a massive success. The response I received from the community was overwhelmingly positive, and the experience was unlike any other.

Yes. It is human hair,
Courtney Lane

Crypticon Booth 1 Crypticon Booth 2