Good day my fellow hair enthusiasts!

“Man, this is a really cool idea! I’d love to have a piece made with my own hair…but I don’t want to cut it…”


This is a common dilemma - one I’ve even dealt with myself, but to be as cliché as possible, where there’s a will, there’s a way. I will teach you a way, where you can cut enough hair for me to work with, and you’ll never know that it’s missing! “Preposterous!” You say? “Codswallop!” Nay, trust and follow my instructions closely, and you will have a luxurious mane AND a beautiful work of hair art.

For this example process, I’ve enlisted the help of my good friend, Sherry.

First, you or a friend should make a nice even part down the hair.
Parting Hair

Next, take a few strands of hair from underneath on one side of the part, and make the cut as close to the scalp as possible.
Cutting HairRemoved Hair

And voila! Sherry will never know the difference, and her hair is still full and gorgeous!
Sherry BeforeSherry After BeforeAfter

If you would like even more of your hair for the project, simply make a new part on a different place on the head, and repeat this process. It’s really very simple, and will give me more than enough hair to make a small piece for you. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this on yourself, keep in mind that you can always defer until you can see a licensed cosmetologist to do this for you.

This being said, I can make a multitude of pieces using very short lengths of hair, so if you simply want to wait until your next trim, you can save that hair as well! Keep in mind, that the longer the hair, the more options you will have, but regardless of the amount, there is a possibility for you.

Ok, great! The hair is cut…soooo now what? Unless the hair is just a very short trim, I need to know where the cut was made. Place a piece of tape, or even better a rubber band or hair tie, at the top of the hair where it was cut to hold it altogether. Place the hair in a zip lock bag, and use a permanent marker of some kind to write your name on the outside of the bag. From then, simply mail your bag to PO Box 26833 Overland Park, KS 66225 after filling out the custom order form.

Should you have any questions about what I can do with the amount of hair you’re supplying, please fill out the custom order form, and I’ll reach out to you for a consultation.

Happy Snipping!
Courtney Lane