I have to apologize that this blog will be a bit terse. On Friday, I lost my grandfather, and I don’t feel much like writing. I will, however, use this as an opportunity to briefly mention how hair art can relate to losing a loved one.

Particularly in the Victorian era, it was common to use a lock of hair for sentimental purposes during the mourning period. It was maintained that a lock of hair is a piece of your loved one that would never decompose: a piece of them that you can keep forever. Works of art made from the hair of the deceased could be displayed in the home, or one could wear jewelry made from their hair while they grieve.

I do intend to save the hair of my grandfather to make art with during my personal mourning to aid in the healing process. I will, of course, post anything I make in a future blog, and likely write more about old mourning customs.

Courtney Lane